Happy New Year!


What have you tolerated because you think it is normal: lower back discomfort, achy knees, stiff neck, headaches, poor sleep?  What have you missed out on because your body is “out of shape” or hurts: gardening, sports, playing with your children, vacation, picking up your grandchild?

It is common to have aches and pains, but these sensations are not normal.  Most often they are the result of misalignment and muscle imbalances.  It is becoming far too common that aches and pains keep us from living life to its full potential.  Your ability to truly express yourself is dependent upon being able to participate fully in life.  Our bodies are our soul’s conduit to interact with our environment. 

You already have a wonderful body, one that has gotten you through decades of life.  Currently, society teaches us that the body is a show piece, that we have value based off of its size and shape.  At Coredination Pilates we are here to show you that a functional body is attractive and that feeling good with less pain will do more for your self-esteem than being a size smaller or having washboard abs. 

To us, exercise should return the body to a place of function—to a place where we can move, live, and participate. If your body is healthy and functional then it can carry you through the actions that allow you to express yourself: gardening, basketball with buddies, holding your grandchild, writing poetry, golf with a spouse, a decent night's sleep, walking the streets of Paris, playing with your children, or dancing with your daughter on her wedding day. 

What would you do with your life if you felt better?