"Physical fitness is the first requisite for happiness."

 — Joseph Pilates


Your body is an expression of you. It allows the deepest part of you to interact with the world, so you may find fulfillment and joy in life. Life causes wear and tear on our bodies resulting in aches and pains that many of us overlook, but these injuries indicate underlying misalignments or injuries. These often start as annoyances or discomforts when you are young and become more obvious and severe later in life. Left unaddressed, they gradually limit your activities. One day, you find yourself unable to participate in activities that cause your heart and soul to soar: gardening, basketball with buddies, holding your grandchild, writing poetry, golf with a spouse, a decent night's sleep, or dancing with your daughter on her wedding day. At Coredination Pilates we can help you improve your body's fitness so you may live an active, fulfilling, robust and very happy life. Contact us today to learn how to get started, and as Joseph Pilates said, "return to life.”