Think of classes as small group personal training. Working in small groups allows the teacher to walk around to provide the individual attention and praise necessary to do mind-body exercises correctly while having time to guide the class through the day’s workout with a fluid pace. 

Class of the Month: Pilates Chair

In this class we use a modern version of the classical Wunda Chair.  The primary purpose of the classical Pilates equipment is (systemized) support and we can tell you that the Chair offers very little.  The running joke about this piece of equipment is that you will either do the exercise right, or you won’t go anywhere.  Don’t worry, we teach you how to do it right.  This small elegant piece of equipment teaches great control of movement and the rewards are strength, control, and more strength!  Join Deborah Wednesdays at 1:00 PM!

Class Levels

Beginner - Beginner classes are appropriate for people new to exercising and individuals with limitations. They move at a pace that allows for plenty of explanations without taking away from the workout experience.

Athletic Beginner - In an athletic beginner class we teach intermediate level exercises and technique but provide more explanations to make it appropriate for people still new to Pilates or GYROTONIC® exercise. This class level focuses on improving confidence with the exercises to maximize workout results.

Intermediate - An intermediate class moves at a steady pace and is a great workout! This class level focuses on technique and quality of movement to maximize workout results.

Athletic - An athletic class is fast paced and is appropriate for those with years of experience with Pilates or GYROTONIC® exercise. This class level encourages autonomy and keeps workouts new and intense by focusing on choreography and breath variations.


This class uses the GYROTONIC® Pulley Tower. GYROTONIC® is a more recent and completely different discipline than Pilates. While different, the two disciplines share the common goal of helping the body achieve maximum functionality. GYROTONIC® exercises are particularly amazing at exercising the spine and allowing it to stretch and strengthen in a very safe way. This machine and discipline is adored by dancers and athletes and is often described as swimming through the air. GYROTONIC® is an intense but playful discipline that will offer great strength while making you feel flexible, elongated and invigorated!

Pilates Reformer

In this class we use a classical Pilates machine called the Reformer.  Its identifying characteristic is the moving “carriage.”  The carriage is a moving platform within the equipment’s frame.  It creates a truly uncommon exercise experience: a moving floor.  Don’t let that scare you. The most common comment we hear is how the movement of the carriage is calming and an ironic contrast to the fact that you’re sweating!  This is an amazing piece of equipment that teaches excellent control and stability.

Pilates Wall Tower

In this class we use a machine called the Wall Tower.  The Wall Tower’s design allows you to work each side of your body independently, rather than your weak side relying on your strong side.   Because you are working on the floor we incorporate the Pilates mat-work and other props such as the stability ball, magic circle, foam rollers, and BOSU, just to name a few.  With all of these props to play with the Wall Tower classes are playful, diverse, great at correcting muscle imbalances, and a fantastic workout!

Pilates Reformer/Tower Combo

This class uses a combination of the Reformer and the Wall Tower. This class is the best of both worlds, combining the stabilizing benefits of the Reformer with the imbalance correcting benefits of the Wall Tower.   Our clients rave about the combo classes stating that incorporating the different equipment in the same class keeps their workout fresh and challenging.  The combination class is a great way to enhance your Pilates workout and is a perfect choice for anyone who can only attend once per week.

Feldenkrais® ATM Class

The Feldenkrais Method® helps us identify and correct inefficiencies in movement patterns and gaps in mind body connection.  In the Awareness Through Movement® (ATM) class Thomas, our Feldenkrais instructor, uses specific movements and patterns of movements to correct small and large muscle patterns, stimulate more integrated movement, and enhance body awareness.  The Feldenkrais Method® is an amazing discipline that challenges your perception of exercise.  It isn’t a workout that fits a generic definition, but clients report feeling improvements in strength and flexibility.  The ATM® class is a great for anyone with back or joint pain, headaches or migraines, soft tissue disease like fibromyalgia, or for athletes who want better control.  Basically anyone who wants his or her body to move and feel better can benefit from The Feldenkrais Method®.