Coredination Pilates opened in 2007 as a destination for people who found the traditional exercise approach lacking.  Ironically, the current mindset about fitness and health is very unhealthy:  Fitness is described aesthetically. Exercise is viewed as "conquering the body,"  and pain is viewed as "weakness leaving the body."  Extreme performance has become equivalent with health.  This abuse of the body and distorted relationship with aesthetic and performance “ideals” has created a culture of people at war with their body.  The current fitness beliefs cause psychological stress, and physical wear and tear that reduces quality of life.  At Coredination Pilates we understand health and fitness to be the result of balance and self-respect. We believe, that when taught correctly, mindful-exercise has the ability restore the body to proper functioning and efficiency.  It is our philosophy that sets Coredination Pilates apart:

Performance, strength, flexibility, and balance are not HOW you make the body fit, they are PRODUCTS of a fit body.