Sharin Wolfe, Owner & Instructor

Sharin Wolfe MS, RD/LD is the owner of Coredination Pilates. Movement has always been a part of her life. She started dancing at the age of five and continued through high school by performing regularly with the Louisville Ballet. A scholarship to the University of Oklahoma brought her to Norman. It was through the dance department at OU that Sharin started taking and teaching Pilates. “I took a class on a friend’s recommendation, and I enrolled in Pilates class every semester after that.”

She graduated with a B.A. in Psychology and continued her education at the Health Sciences Center where she earned a Masters of Science in Nutrition and became a Registered Dietitian. Sharin received her Pilates training through the PhysicalMind Institute® during her senior year of college and taught Pilates during graduate school. “My original plan was to pursue a doctorate in counseling and to work with dancers with eating disorders. However, I was having so much fun teaching Pilates that I couldn’t see myself doing anything else with my life.”

In 2005 she earned her certification with the Pilates Method Alliance—the first in the state of Oklahoma to do so. After a few years of teaching full time, Sharin recognized that Pilates was being distorted by traditional exercise. The “no pain no gain” philosophy had made its way into the Pilates world, and she could see how that weakened the effectiveness of the work. Since 2006 Sharin has been working to redefine fitness and health. Toward this goal, she completed an intensive mentoring program called Passing the TorchTM with Madeline Black and, in 2013, was certified in the GYROTONIC® method of exercise.
Sharin knows so much about the body and its anatomy and uses Pilates and GYROTONIC® to help me discover how my body compensates with almost every move. I had no idea these compensations were the reason why I hurt.
— C.H.
Workouts aren’t repetitive or boring because Sharin is always ready to explain something that helps me find a deeper more intense way of doing the exercise: Pilates and GYROTONIC® with Sharin doesn’t get easier, but they do get more fun!
— D.D.

Deborah Malone, PMA


When I began taking Pilates Mat classes in 2002, I had no exercise experience at all. Most of my life I had preferred books and had no grasp of the importance of movement. Part of my lack of interest in exercise came from a single car accident when I was 29 that left me with chronic back issues. My back would quickly turn painful when I was stressed. During the better part of my working life I was a clinical Social Worker where a high level of stress was common for the job. I lucked into a twice weekly Pilates mat class, and after about 6 months I knew I was onto something. My back pain was manageable; I noticed my overactive “monkey mind” slowed during practice of Pilates.

It wasn’t long before I felt the pull to become a pilates instructor so I could share what I had learned with others and hopefully assist them in reducing pain and living a healthy life. I started Pilates certification with Michelle Larsson in New Mexico. As I started my training I then discovered all the possibilities for strength and healing that the equipment offered. I realized how much there was to learn, and that Pilates would be a lifetime of study.

I completed my Pilates training in 2005 while working full time as a Social Worker. Throughout the next few years I continued to attend trainings and workshops and then in 2008 completed the Pilates Method Alliance Certification (PMA), a nationally recognized certification. In 2011 I was accepted into Passing The Torch program with Pilates Master Teacher Wendy Leblanc-Arbuckle. Passing The Torch is a year long intensive Pilates program which focuses on advance training, comprehensive teaching analysis, and mentorship. After 31 years as a Social Worker I quit my job in 2013 to pursue my passion of teaching Pilates full time.

I am passionate about pilates and intuitive when I work with people. I love it when I can get someone addicted to pilates.